Three-pointer at the buzzer!  The Knights win!

Welcome to the Knights' Homeschool Basketball Team Home Page.

I need to inform you that this page has not been updated in several YEARS (good grief, just when was the last time I updated this thing?!). It was my first attempt at HTML coding, but it still (in my opinion) looks pretty good. I am planning to take this page down soon, and put it in a subdirectory where you can still get to it if you want. The reason I'm leaving it up at all is A) I think others may be able to learn simple HTML from it and B) it has some sentimental value to me. :)

Be warned: I haven't checked ANY of this data for accuracy! My current E-Mail address is as of 05-24-2001. My main URL is, and my PGP keys can be found at or on the worldwide keyserver network.

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